Sunscript™ Cursive Handwriting System


The Sunscript™ Cursive Handwriting System was designed to make handwriting practice legible, easy and fun! Each student receives a set of 5 thin, manageable and easy to erase booklets. Lessons are filled with color-coded models that provide opportunities for students to trace, copy and practice cursive handwriting skills while learning exciting new vocabulary.

Book 1: The circle letters; 17 pages
Book 2: The short curved letters; 17 pages
Book 3: The short straight letters; 21 pages
Book 4: The tall letters; 13 pages
Book 5: Uppercase letters; 29 pages

Lowercase and Uppercase Cursive Teacher’s Manuals

Both the 187 page long Lowercase and 61 page Upper case manuals provide theory with illustrations necessary to the formation/use of the Sunscript Basic Connective Stroke in transforming manuscript letters into cursive letters. Color-coded instructional lesson plans are graphic, step-by-step, diagnostic, and prescriptive.

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