Mary Jo Stevenson Presents Neurologically Integrated (Embedded) Pictograph Mnemonics

Sunform’s linguistically responsive approach to beginning literacy enables Pre/K students to readily assimilate integrated pictographs, letter sounds, names and shapes.

This embedded pictograph mnemonic-based instructional resource establishes the (beginning) letter sound proficiency necessary for the subsequent development of automatic word recognition and word memorization. Students as young as 4 readily master the 26 beginning letter sound-symbol correspondences (and letter names) to automaticity, in an engaging and time-efficient way! They begin blending after just 6 weeks of daily 10-15 minute lessons. Sunform’s integrated letter formation design pre-empts subsequent letter reversals and disintegrated shapes. This foundational alphabet knowledge is critically important to establish upon school entry for all pre-K students, and especially so for those who tend to become the most underserved in literacy (including 1st and 2nd grade students affected by pandemic learning loss).

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