Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching is based in the belief that every student brings all of the strengths necessary to succeed academically upon school entry. However, most educators (and the public) still view students who live in poverty and/or are Standard English Learners (who speak varieties of English that differ significantly from Academic Classroom English) through a deeply ingrained deficit perspective.

Ventris Learning’s innovative language development-based supplemental resources help educators more effectively meet the needs of these students who are so often underserved in literacy instruction.

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ToggleTalk® is a research-proven supplemental curriculum for K/1st grade speakers of African American Language.

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Code Switching Lessons is a professional development offering for grades 2-8 teachers of students who produce non-Mainstream English grammatical features in their writing.

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Diagnostic Evaluation of Language Variation™ offers a two-part, individually administered screening test as well as a norm-referenced diagnostic test designed to identify speech and language disorders/delays.

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The Sunform™ Alphabet System is a research-proven pictograph mnemonic phonemic awareness/beginning phonics innovation that rapidly produces kindergarten alphabetic-readiness.

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