Access to Literacy Assessment System- Phonological Awareness

Access to Literacy Assessment System- Phonological Awareness (ATLAS-PA) is a new computer-adaptive online assessment of phonological awareness. Developed for children who are 3 to 7 years of age, ATLAS-PA includes three subtests, including items related to rhyming, blending, and segmentation. ATLAS-PA was designed to be appropriate for children with typical development as well as for children who have disabilities related to speech production.

Each subtest is administered separately, so that scores can be provided for each subtest as well as for overall phonological awareness. Testing time for all three subtests on the adaptive measure usually takes under 10 minutes. ATLAS-PA scoring includes descriptors for other published phonological awareness measures (e.g. how a child would have scored on TOPEL, CTOPP-2, or Acadience Phonological Awareness).

For a more complete description, please visit the author’s website or you can go straight to the test. You can also read how ATLAS-PA was validated here.