New Edition Sunform™ Kit

New Edition Sunform Alphabet System Kit

Completely revised in 2019, the New Edition Sunform Alphabet Kit incorporates un-slanted letters and updated pictographs. Each kit contains 26 instructional devices composed of laminated board and acetate moveable parts. The sliding teaching devices integrate pictures, letter sounds and Sunform’s unique motor plan. On the back of each device, scripted lesson plans direct the teacher when and how to slide the device during instruction.

New Edition Sunform Kit Includes:

  • 26 movable instructional presentation devices
  • Getting Started Guide (Teacher’s Edition)
  • Two sets of picture, clue, lower case letter and upper case letter wall cards
  • Downloadable writing blackline copy masters (see login link at the top of this page)
  • Downloadable PDF motor plan images for projection
  • Downloadable letter formation practice sheets

Item #: 1-931766-48–1
Price: $600.00

New Consumable Handwriting Student Exercise Book

Based on the new Sunform pictographs and fonts, this edition of the Sunform Handwriting Book combines the prior edition levels 1 (spring semester kindergarten) & 2 (first grade). The unique neurologically integrated Sunform handwriting method was designed to facilitate developmentally-appropriate letter formations. Students transition from drawing the Sunform pictographs, and tracing clues and letters, to forming legible letters independently and in motor plan (not alphabetical) order. Students commit sound to paper and in the process become successful readers and spellers who write with automaticity.

Item #: 978-1-7320468-7-0
Price: Call today for quote (quantity-based)

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