The Kayla Chronicles

Created by Yaacov Petscher and Daniel Hooker. Illustrated by Daniel Hooker. Written by Stephen Smith.

The Kayla Chronicles is an eight-issue comic book series created by faculty from the Florida Center for Reading Research and the FSU College of Social Work, with support from the National Center on Improving Literacy. The story follows Kayla, a young reader who confronts issues related to reading difficulties and illustrates how she interacts with the world and how the world interacts with her. Each issue presents Kayla with new obstacles, such as struggling with reading, the challenges of sharing her struggles with friends and adults and learning how to accept who she is.

The graphic novel is now available in print as a one volume collection, complete with extended games, fun facts about reading and what science says about reading for kids and caregivers. To access a sample end of chapter resource activity, select the Download Player Select (Chapter 5) Activity Button. The other end of chapter resources are password-protected and accessed here. To purchase the graphic novel, visit Amazon or contact us to request a price quote.

Download Player Select (Chapter 5) Activity

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