Word Family Books

Write to Read Word Families: Student Exercise Booklet

This color-coded exercise book is used with students as they learn to write using the Sunform Motor Plan. Newly introduced letters are added to word families to form/spell real words. This multifunctional word family exercise book not only provides immediate handwriting practice, but the opportunity to blend sounds, master short vowels, read rhyming words with fluency and develop vocabulary. 24 pages.

Item #: 1-931766-20-7
Price: $8.50

Write to Read Word Families: Teacher Guide

This guide provides an Instructional Scope and Sequence Chart and detailed lesson plans necessary to direct students through their Student Exercise Booklets. This easy to follow color-coded answer key makes it simple for teachers to know which new words can be written or formed in each lesson. Teachers will be able to assess students’ ability to apply newly learned handwriting skills, blend sounds and read rhyming words with fluency and develop vocabulary. 48 pages.

Item #: 1-931766-19-3
Price: $35.00

The Sunform Alphabet Font

This CD-ROM is compatible with all MAC / PC Windows versions. Correct Sunform manuscript letters are supported with the CD-ROM as students compose stories, personal letters, etc. It is a great tool for teachers to create lessons, worksheets, banners, games and letters to parents.

Item #: 1-931966-17-7
Single User License: $35.00
Site License: $175.00

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