Integrated Pictograph Mnemonics


Published Research:

Reading Improvement

A Journal Devoted to the Teaching of Reading
A Unique, Neurologically Integrated Approach Designed to Simultaneously Teach Letter Sounds and Formations
Fall 2006, Vol. 43, Number 3

The Journal of At-Risk Issues

A Publications of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network;
How a neurologically Integrated Approach Which Teaches Sound-Symbol Correspondence and legible letter Formations Impacts At-risk First Graders
Vol. 14, Number 1, pp. 13-21

The Journal of Education Research

At-Risk Preschoolers Become Beginning Readers with Neurologically Integrated Alphabet Instruction;
Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp. 61-73

Early Childhood Edu 1

The Effect of Two Handwriting Approaches, D’Nealian and Sunform, on Kindergartners’ Letter Formations;
February 18, 2011

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