Integrated Pictograph Mnemonics


Research Basis and Evidence:

The development of word-reading skills builds upon automaticity in the lower level skills, leading to reading fluency and comprehension essential for all children, not just those who evidence language impairment (LI) or difficulties learning to read. Sunform’s innovative integrated, embedded picture mnemonics approach is consistent with Orthograph Mapping Theory (Ehri & Roberts, 2006), Phases of Word Reading Development (Ehri, 2020) and the latest alphabet research on letter learning and the importance of alphabet knowledge (Roberts, 2021).

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The Sunform Alphabet System has been the subject of these four published research studies:

Reading Improvement

A Journal Devoted to the Teaching of Reading
A Unique, Neurologically Integrated Approach Designed to Simultaneously Teach Letter Sounds and Formations
Fall 2006, Vol. 43, Number 3

The Journal of At-Risk Issues

A Publications of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network;
How a neurologically Integrated Approach Which Teaches Sound-Symbol Correspondence and legible letter Formations Impacts At-risk First Graders
Vol. 14, Number 1, pp. 13-21

The Journal of Education Research

At-Risk Preschoolers Become Beginning Readers with Neurologically Integrated Alphabet Instruction;
Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp. 61-73

Early Childhood Edu 1

The Effect of Two Handwriting Approaches, D’Nealian and Sunform, on Kindergartners’ Letter Formations;
February 18, 2011

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