Five Phases

Goal: Transform the English alphabet’s abstract “symbols” into meaningful letters.

1: Stimulate Imagination

Teacher Script: “This is the letter “c”. It is a picture of a cat.”

2: Build Memory

Teacher Script: “See the cat catching the mouse.”

3: Make the Abstract Symbol Meaningful

Teacher Script: “The cat is catching the mouse. His mouth is open wide. The Mouse is not inside.”

4: Transform the Letter into a Picture

Teacher Script: “This is a Cat Catching.”

Goal: Elicit correct, short vowel/consonant sound recall and production using the phonemic awareness process.

Teacher Script: “This is a picture of a cat catching. Cat begins with |k|. Say |k|.”

Alliteration begins the phonemic awareness process to:

1: Stimulate Auditory Discrimination and Sound Segmentation

Teacher Script: “This is a cat catching.”

2: Identify Sound Position

Teacher Script: “Cat begins with a |k|.”

3: Elicit Correct Sound Recall and Punctuation

Teacher Script: “Say |k|.”

Goal: Make sound / symbol correspondence.

Teacher Script: “Tell me the picture.” (Cat Catching). “Tell me the sound.” (|k|)

See     >      Think     >      Say

It is here that the picture makes the alphabet phonetic

Goal: Begin Reading

1: First with illustrations

2: Then with clue / letter

3: Finally with letters

Goal: Write legibly and automatically.

Research shows legibility requires:

  • Counterclockwise circles
  • Diagonal lines
  • Continuous strokes

Sunform’s Terminology is:

  • Consistent
  • Developmentally appropriate

The Sunform Progressive Motor Plan c, o, a, d, makes handwriting:

  • Logical
  • Automatic
  • Easy
  • Fun


  • Legible writing
  • Directionally correct letters
  • No More Reversals!
  • No more letter confusion
  • Automaticity
  • Kids write more!
  • Transfers to cursive with ease

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