The Original Sunform™ Basic Kit

The Basic Sunform Kit Includes:

  • 26 movable instructional presentation devices
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Introduction to Spelling Chart
  • Sunform in Action: Demonstration / Teaching and In-Service Training DVD

Item #: 1-931766-15–0
Price: $999.00

The Basic Sunform Alphabet System Kit

The Basic Sunform Alphabet System Kit contains 26 colorful patented presentation devices composed of laminated board and acetate moveable parts. Sliding devices integrate pictures, letter sounds and Sunform’s Motor Plan, teaching reading, writing, spelling—all in one!On the back of each device, scripted lesson plans direct the teacher when/how to slide the device during instruction.Additionally, the Motor Plan Diagnostic Chart allows teachers to see at a glance when letters are formed incorrectly, and to know how to correct problems.

The Sunform Teacher’s Manual

The Sunform Teacher’s Manual provides instructional timelines, scope and sequence guidelines, research based data on how to teach letter sounds and letter formations, diagnose and correct errors, and remediate problems. 110 pages spiral bound.

Introduction to Spelling Chart

Introduction to Spelling Chart teaches written spelling according to the Sunform Progressive Motor Plan. For example, Group 1, circle letter words, are introduced first: cod, dad, sad.

Sunform in Action: In-service Training and Demonstration/ Teaching DVD

Live footage demonstrates kindergarten and first grade students learning all phases of the Sunform Alphabet System. Lively lessons offer step-by-step instruction, from the picture phase, to letter sounds for reading/decoding, to letter formations for writing and spelling. Includes many ideas for games. This DVD may be watched in its entirety or in conjunction with day-by-day instruction for each phase. 2.5 hours in length.

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