Additional Teacher Resources:

Below, you can find an overview and downloadable versions of additional teacher resources, particularly pertaining to morphology. We have a one-page version with some quick ideas and a six-page version with more detail. Print ’em out and tack them up on your lesson plan idea board!  The text of the one-pager is also given below so you can read it here.

These teacher resources are organized by the morphological skills on our assessment. They measure how well students identify units of meaning, use suffixes for syntactic information, develop knowledge of word families, and find meaning from morphologically complex words.

Skill 1: Identify units of meaning

BrainPop: Playing with Prefixes and Suffixes

Purpose: Understand the function of root words, prefixes, and suffixes; create new words by adding prefixes and suffixes to root words.
Length: 1 lesson plan
Grade: Lower middle
Requirements: access to the internet
Best Part: multimedia, includes short video

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Purpose: Use poker chops with roots, prefixes and suffixes to mix and match to create new words.
Length: 1-2 45 minute lessons
Grade: 6-8
Best part: interactive and hands-on

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Go Fish

Purpose: Helps students build knowledge of word families/groups
Length: 20 minutes, works best with vocabulary that you are using in class
Grade: 6-8
Best Part: It’s a game. [This one would take a little while to prep]

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Skill 2: Use suffixes for syntactic information

Cloze Passages

Purpose: Use context clues and grammar to adjust vocabulary words to fit the sentence
Length: 10-15 minutes, works best with vocabulary that you are using in class
Grade: varied
Best Part: It can be adjusted for your class and built into a regular routine.

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Skill 3: Find meaning from morphologically complex words

Deconstructing difficult words

Purpose: Help students use all the tools available for accessing meaning while reading
Time: embedded within reading- time is variable
Grade: all
Best Part: this instructional strategy is highly flexible and can become a regular routine you use while reading

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