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Monster, P.I. – Word Detectives

Word Solving – Reading to Solve the Case

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Teacher Script for Morphology Intervention

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Find the Impostor & Word Web Games

Download these Find the Impostor and Word Web games here

Differentiation Ideas:

Monster, PI data is also aimed to help you as you differentiate for students.

For students who need support

1-    Underline words in the text that are morphologically complex. This will draw attention to that word and to using strategies like word solving to figure out the meaning.
2-    Give sticky notes so that students can word solve and figure out the meanings of words.  We like to encourage students to box the root word and circle any parts they know—then they can put the meanings together and think about any related words
3-    Star strong use of words in the students language and underline words where a better word might convey a better nuance.
4-    Give students (or create with them or the class) a word bank of words that highlight the code of language and how it conveys meaning.
5-    Start collecting interesting words.  Discuss how the language code conveys meaning with that student.  Have the student present to a partner or small group or whole class showcasing their expertise
6-    Build words from prefix, suffix, root cards.  Graph the number of words created to show students the scale of their work.
7-    Markup graphic organizers so that you provide examples to get thinking going.
8-    Focus on quality over quantity.
9-    Explicitly instruct principles

For Students who need enrichment:

1-    Underline words in a text that could be replaced by a better word.  Challenge students to improve the texts.  Supplement vocabulary in the text by using introducing more complex language
2-    Add columns to graphic organizers to focus on building depth of vocabulary (synonyms/antonyms, examples, multiple meanings) and links to morphology (word families)
3-    Have students use models of text with complex syntax and vocabulary as models for their own writing.
4-    As you play games, challenge students to talk about the code, come up with lots of examples, play with words, etc.

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