Due to COVID-19 Pandemic-related school, University and clinic closures, Ventris Learning is granting Limited Permission to our customers to access the online components (in PDF format) of the Assessment of Literacy & Language (ALL™) and the Diagnostic Evaluation of Language Variation – DELV™–Screening and Norm Referenced tests (altogether, “Tests”) at a password-protected page at the Ventris Learning website, for use with teleconferencing software for the remote administration of the Tests (“Telepractice”).

We are only granting this limited access to qualified professionals who have purchased or purchase (“Customers”) the printed components of the Tests from Ventris Learning, pursuant to the following:

Customers agree to not record or make public their Telepractice administrations of the Tests; to not duplicate or modify the Test materials; and to follow all applicable telepractice regulations and federal, state and local legal requirements; and because the ALL and DELV were standardized using the print editions of the tests in face to face administrations, customers acknowledge that adaptation of the standardized administration may be required when interpreting test results. Ventris Learning reserves the right to revoke this Limited Permission at any time.

To learn more, or, to receive access to the online Test materials, please contact us at info@ventrislearning.com.