Sunscript Cursive Handwriting System

Sunscript Cursive Handwriting System

Student Cursive Booklets

The Sunscript Handwriting System is uniquely formatted to make handwriting practice legible, easy and fun. Each student receives a set of 5 thin, manageable and easy to erase booklets. Booklets 1-4 include lowercase cursive letters arranged according to Sunform’s Motor Plan, all using the same portion of the Sunscript Basic Connective Stroke.

Booklet 5 teaches uppercase cursive letters. Lessons are filled with color-coded models that provide opportunities for students to trace, copy and practice cursive handwriting skills while learning exciting new vocabulary.

Tutors, parents, homeschools…see the new Tutor Pack. Five sets of cursive booklets + teacher guides.

Book 1: The circle letters; 17 pages
Book 2: The short curved letters; 17 pages
Book 3: The short straight letters; 21 pages
Book 4: The tall letters; 13 pages
Book 5: Uppercase letters; 29 pages

Teacher Manual’s recommended with all orders.

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